Facing age discrimination in the workplace

23 May

No matter what laws exist, age discrimination is practiced every day in American business and industry. It’s just a fact of life, and in a poor economy, it is even more prevalent. Some of the other workplace discriminations are disappearing because of gradual social changes and enforcement of the laws. The most prominent were hiring and promoting prejudices because of skin color and gender, Most of that has disappeared because activists went into the streets and voters went to the polls to end those kinds of overt discrimination.

Of course, there are formal ways to let your voice be heard if you believe you’ve suffered discrimination because of your age. Some suggestions include:

1. When the situation arises, such as you believe you’re refused a job because of your age, or you don’t get a promotion because of your age, start keeping specific records. Get dates, names of people involved, list inappropriate interview questions and other events you believe involve age discrimination against you.

2. Write up a concise report of the history in time-line sequences of the discrimination happenings. If there were witnesses to such events, ask them to provide their written observations and opinions of what went on. If there were any written materials, such as emails, you believe expose discrimination against you, keep copies.

3. When you have all the facts on paper, make your request to management for an interview regarding your belief that you’ve suffered discrimination. If you must go up the line from supervisor to manager to executive, make sure you are not stopped before you get to the highest company authority. In face-to-face meetings, give the facts in a businesslike way, and don’t let uncontrolled anger or frustration weaken your case.

4. If company authorities agree to investigate, be willing to cooperate in every way. If it requires more than one meeting and additional paperwork, do it willingly.
Commission (EEOC). Then, of course, file your complaint.

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