Tell Stop discriminating against the unemployed

19 Aug

On, employers are allowed to prevent anyone who is currently unemployed from applying for a job.

It’s cruel to the millions of Americans out of work — but you can put an end to it this week.

Kelly Wiedemer, who lost her job in 2008, has launched a campaign demanding that ban these discriminatory ads. I’m one of the original 99ers. Before losing my job amidst the worst economic crisis since the Great Depression, I was living the American Dream. I paid for my own college education, working full-time while attending night classes at Metropolitan State College of Denver. I bought my own home. And I had a great job as a business analyst.

That was then. In 2008, as the stock market crashed and companies were panicking, I became one of the millions of Americans laid-off and seeking employment. As an experienced business analyst, I routinely used sites like and CareerBuilder to look for job opportunities. Gradually, however, it dawned on me that my status as an unemployed person was a serious problem. One agency rep told me after an interview, “I’ll recommend you to the hiring manager but your employment gap is going to be a hard sell.”

This is happening everywhere. Many employers are discriminating against the jobless by prohibiting us from even applying for open positions. And they’re using sites like to do it.

The National Employment Law Project recently conducted a review of job listings on and CareerBuilder and found 150 ads that included exclusions based on current employment status.

Employers shouldn’t be allowed to discriminate against the unemployed. Sites like and can do their part by banning these kinds of discrimatory employment ads from their networks.

This type of ad is already illegal in New Jersey, and there’s legislation pending in Congress that would do the same nationwide. Let’s force companies to end this practice.

A nationwide backlash against the company, which treasures its reputation as a website that helps people find jobs, will force to act.
Sign the petition asking major employment websites like and to refuse ads from companies that prohibit the unemployed from applying.

The solution is simple – major job sites like can just say “no” to discriminating against the unemployed. By preventing these ads from running on their job networks, they’ll help end this practice by employers.

Please sign the petition today asking to stop discriminating against the unemployed.

Thanks for being a changemaker,

– Jess and the team

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