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Driver License Info in Tax Software



Thanks to National Society of Accountants


Driver License Info in Tax Software May Not Be Required after All

Tax software used by tax professionals asks for client driver license numbers even though only two states – New York and Alabama – currently have state laws requiring such information to be provided on state tax returns. No federal law requires this information to be provided on federal tax returns.

When NSA made inquired how this information came to be included in this year’s version of the software, we were told it was included at the behest of the Federation of Tax Administrators, the trade group for the state tax administrators. It seems that FTA wanted the information so its members could use the drive license numbers as one indication of a valid return, even while making the argument it was just too difficult to enact state laws requiring such information to be provided.

During a meeting with other members of the Security Summit, we pointed out that most tax software packages ask for the driver license number and, if it is not provided, asks the preparer to check a box indicating that there is no driver license.  We made the point that our members do not want to sign a sign stating there is no driver license if the client does have one. We also stated there should not be a requirement to provide a license number merely because it is on the FTA wish list.

Apparently, the tax software is written so that the return will be processed even if the driver license information box is left blank. Check with your software provider to make sure. And, if you are preparing a New York or Alabama return, this does not apply to you.

Sanford Zinman
Tarrytown NY


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